Friends of Aine Center
for Grieving Children and Families

Children are the Forgotten Mourners

Many children and teens experience isolation after the death of a loved one and feel that nobody understands them, particularly if no one among their friends or schoolmates has had a similar experience. As a result, they may be at greater risk of anxiety and other mental health challenges, substance abuse, and the physical aspects of grief.

There are misperceptions out there that lead us to think kids are OK. These Misperceptions stand in the way of providing children the same understanding and support that is offered adults in mourning.

“One of the greatest crises a child can experience is the death of a parent or sibling.

When a parent or sibling dies, never again will the world be a secure place as before  …”

– David & Christine Phillips, Co-founders – Friends Of Aine

Aine’s Fund 2019
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Since last year, Friends of Aine has:
• Increased the number of children, teens and families participating in our Good Grief programs by 146%
• More than doubled the number of volunteers working with grieving children, teens and their families
Doubled the number of groups offered and expanded services to 2 NH locations

Our services are free however, the average cost for each child/teen to participate is $1,500; there are no insurance benefits or government funding for these programs. The success of Friends of Aine depends entirely upon the generosity of volunteers and donors like you!